Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reader Request: Ashley out and about

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the full set is here :)


Anonymous said...

the copy cat strikes again

Tinsley said...

honestly, what is your problem?
if a reader of this blog asks for a larger image than I WILL post a larger image, regardless of your stupid comments

it seems like its the same bitter commenter over and over again. if your so faithful to other blogs why come here?
i hate replying to dumb useless commments like this, but you honestly need to shut up

Stephanie said...

Tinsley, I ADORE your blog(s) and follow this one religiously. Even if I see the same image of the Olsens elsewhere I still look every bit as forward to seeing how you post their looks.

Don't EVER get discouraged! I can't say enough how original I think your blogs are- SAJA inspires me day in and out- and how much I ALWAYS look forward to visiting your blogs. :-) Chin up,buttercup ;-) lol.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I appreciate that you put this pic again, so ignore the haters that only feel better by putting others down!

I was curious if you have seen Ashley in the latest Star magazine. There's a style section about button down shirts. And Ashley is in it wearing what looks like a pale blue mens button down collared shirt tucked in to what appears to be dark denim. But I have never seen this picture before, I don't know here it was taken, nor do I know what she's wearing. And I would like to. So if your able to find out could you please post it :o )

escritora said...

what a beautiful outfit! i love every single piece of it :)

Anonymous said...

What is that clutch!? I love!

Krystal said...

yes please!