Friday, December 5, 2008

Reader Request: Ashley in Denim

anonymous, i am pretty sure this is the picture you were wondering about? if not, then let me know and i will search again :)

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credit: olsen-files


stephanie said...

As if she's pulling this off! Unreal ;-)

Anonymous said...

nope, this is isn't the one. I was actually afraid you would think I meant this one that you posted of her in this denim shirt, but the one i am thinking about is definately much more recent. She is wearing black glasses similar to ray ban wayfarers (but larger), a light blue button oxford big enough to tuck into her dark denim/possibly black pants, with a watch (maybe her rolex).

It's in the December 8th issue of Star mag.. Thanks though & I love your blogspot, I check it daily along with wwwd

Tinsley said...

oh thank you :)
ill keep searching for this one - thanks for the info!


simple, but she pulls it off.

Izzy said...

Aware this is a little late, but I'm pretty sure I have the picture Anonymous is talking about ...
thing is it's saved in my pictures, I don't have the URL.
Is there any place I could send it to ?