Monday, October 13, 2008

Inside the Closet: Devi Kroell Accordion Bag in Stingray and Python

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Anonymous said...

thanks! i loved her outfit

arianna said...

your blog has become a complete rip-off of olsens anonymous.

even down to you changing this site to resemble it.


Tinsley said...

im pretty sure i started this blog off in may...
my blog is not a ripoff of anything. there werent any blogs around like this before i started mine.
dont bother to leave cowardly anonymous comments - its hilarious to see people using a mask to hide their own vindictiveness

if you like that blog than have fun reading it and dont bother to come back here

arianna said...

I am not using a mask. I don't have a blog... I purposely put my name so as not to comment anonymously. That would have masked my identity.

I know that you started your site before the olsens anonymous site, but you stopped updating. And now you have started again changing the site to resemble olsens anonymous.

I just wish you were more original. I loved your site when you first started and was upset you stopped updating. So happens OA started and I started reading that blog. I was excited you were starting back up but then all of the sudden your blog looks just like someone elses.

That is what I find lame.

Tinsley said...

I stopped updating due to a family member becoming sick and no computer for half of the summer so i didnt really feel like spending my time on the site

i stated a few posts back that i would love to do something fresher and more clean and i have experimented with a couple of different layouts before settling on this

i appreciate the fact that you liked the site before but its no reason to just throw out an insult- i put effort into this blog and if you dont like the layout then say that. am i ripping off the other blogs content or what she writes?