Friday, March 20, 2009

Event: Mary-Kate at Cocktail party at Barney's NY in honour of Christopher Bailey

Her coat is gorgeous

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Anonymous said...

You can always tell a Burberry trench when you see one. Perfectly tailored, stunning hardware, and luxurious fabric. I can't get over the belted wrist detaliing. She could have ran a brush through her hair though.


Anonymous said...

So that's a great outfit and look! said...

3 years later!!!!! the effin Balenciaga boots will NEVER get old.. i suspect she might get the Fendi booties from FW09, they also have great height on them. perfection. the jacket is.. yea no words.. amazing.

Anonymous said...

The Burberry trench looks beautiful on her. I love it.

K'arhol said...

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