Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the Closet: Earnest Sewn Decca.234 Straight Leg Jeans in Daija

Earnest Sewn Decca.234 Straight Leg Jeans in Daija
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Janice said...

i love them!
i should buy them rigth now


becca. said...

oooooh my gosh. those jeans are stunning!
i love them and the whole outfit i'd really like a chunky pashmina and a big wooden bangle now :]
can we link exchange?

Anonymous said...

Hi there I love you blog and I was wondering if you could help the picture that right under the statement look of the moment I love those shoes she's wearing. Have you IDed them by any chance?

Petite Esthète said...

oh i'm so glad you started blogging again! gorgeous blog, gorgeous pics.

la_mode_et_la_cigarette said...

just want to say that i love your blog! i can't wait till you update! these are pure inspiration!! xxxxx

The Anthology said...

Her boots are amazing.