Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview March 2009: Mary-Kate Olsen

It's finally here! The long awaited Interview magazine photoshoot and interview! I have never been more excited for a shoot, and I think this is my favourite photoshoot of MK to date. The colours, styling and direction is brilliant. The Balenciaga dresses MK is wearing throughout were styled to perfection. Can you tell I love it? The full interview can be read here - the issue comes out February 24th!

The Mary-Kate that most of us don't know is a very thoughtful, intelligent woman with a blistering sense of humor and an enterprise that makes even hard-working friends feel like they aren't doing enough with their days. She walks quietly into rooms and gives you her full attention when you talk to her. And you always leave kind of wishing you'd hugged her more. Lately, she's been focusing on acting, and won kudos for her delightful performance as a weed-smoking Phish fan in last year's love letter to New York in the '90s, The Wackness. She and her sister are also hard at work on their two clothing lines, the higher end The Row and the more contemporary Elizabeth & James (the latter named after their other two siblings), and they are launching both shoe and men's collections later this year. The two even teamed up to publish a book of interviews last fall called Influence (Razorbill), in which they interviewed other artists and designers who have inspired them.

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And the video ... because it's always funny to see celebrities doing their best Gisele's and Kate Moss hair flips


Stephanie said...

I just just read the interview! Loved it! I couldn't help but picture her in her NY apt whilst reading it!

I ADORE the balenciaga dress on her and I completely agree- the styling is perfection and sooo i-D which is just so inherently cool ;)


Anonymous said...

i agree with all you say and am beyond pleased and happy to see what she and her sister have done in the fashion world..


Style Magnet; Sara said...


Rock It said...

omg i love her hair and the way she stares. wish i could dye my hair that the video is awesome.

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Amelia said...

She is truly a beautiful alien, and has grown into one of the most stylish women on the planet.

Emily said...

LOVE the photos!! She looks so gorgeous and the Balenciaga dress is adorable.

stephanie said...

edit I wrote "i-D" in my last comment (up top). SO stupid of me! I meant the magazine at hand- Interview. Both are inherently cool though ;)


Champagne said...

I'm going to read the interview in the magazine. I have to get my hands on it.

saro said...

Maybe one of the greatest picture I've seen on her. And then I never see a bad pic..

O said...

Isn't this an amazing shoot!!!?? I was so thrilled when it came out! love it!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I think she looks more like Courtney Love than an olsen in these pics.

Syana said...

oh my I didn't recognize her! But then I thought "wait a minute, this is a blog about the olsen twins..." lol I'm shocked! LOVE IT it's so different/ actually suits her I think