Thursday, January 1, 2009

Look of the Week # 8

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melton said...

so fabulous. the blazer the dress the tights the SHOES.
perfect. i forgot! the nail color too. great choice (:

Stephanie said...

gorgeous as always :-)
Her bra looks amazing. I wonder who makes it?!

Glambition said...

Oh wow! I'd lovveee to trade links! Marykate is stunning as usual (:

Sing-me-songs said...

Hey there, just wanted to tell you I cool your blog is !
do you take all those pictures or do you find them on the interet ?

anyway, i also have a blog and every week I do this "blogger of the week" (did 1 already) and I was wondering if you could be the next one ? If yes, could you answer a few questions ?
-How old are you and where do you live ?
-When did you start blogging ?
-When did you start loving fashion and why ?
-where do you take inspiration from ?
-What does a girl NEED to have in her closet ?
-What do you look out for when shpping ?
-What is fashion to you ?
-Who are you favourite designers ?

Thanks so much !! you can check out the first one if you want on my blog !

ps: could you answer the questions asap as i would need them tomorow !? thanks and happy new yeeeaaar !

A La Mode said...

So into texture and layering at the moment,such a great look!

Reba V. said...

the toe part of these delightful boots look a bit "not so new." maybe this means the olsen darlings are a bit like us and do wear things over and over again. ok ok maybe one over will do for them.

Marianne said...

Wow, love the skirt and the ripped tee :)

Skumfidus said...

Love the combination!

Anonymous said...

i neeeddd the boots

Dana said...

What a lovely skirt!!

I love when they dress all in black :)

Dana said...

What a lovely skirt!!

I love when they dress all in black :)