Monday, September 8, 2008

Calvin Klein 40th Anniversary

On September 7th Ashley attended the 40th Anniversary of Calvin Klein in a sleek grey and black ensemble. What a perfect event for Ashley - the line defines her style right now! She looked great and very mature. She's starting to really remind me of a more modern Lauren Hutton!

I'm back for good now and ready to update as quickly as I can! I'll fill up the posts with recent event pictures and try to post some more "In the Closet" features
Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

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Bridge. said...

That hem line is genius, I would never think to have one there, but it really works.

Good to have you back and blogging!

The Socialite said...

I <3 your blog & I’m glad more posts are to come! ;)

liswon said...


LEESH said...

she is gorgeous.

SICK. said...

i loved this outfit.
so ashley, so simple, so terrific.

looking forward to more posts !
stay in touch,


Couture Carrie said...



Shoegal said...

Looove how she plays the long skirts, back with style!
Your blog is definitely going on my faves, check mine out at:

Cara Mia said...

what a cool blog! love the olsens!

Anonymous said...

i think she can dress too old for her age at times, but she does get it right most of the time. shes definitely the more conservative out of the two olsens.