Friday, May 30, 2008

In the Closet: Elizabeth and James Parachute Mini Dress

When the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus hosted an intimate soiree to debut Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new contemporary line, Elizabeth and James, preferred customers were the first to get their hands on gorgeous frocks, jackets and tops from the much-anticipated collection. The budding designers were hands-on in planning the celebration, pitching in to do everything from styling the party space to dressing the mannequins. "When I first walked in, I was in shock that there were so many people here already," said Mary-Kate of the impressive turnout. "I sort of ran around and said, 'Time to shop!'"

During the event, Ashley wore a gorgeous Elizabeth and James Parachute Mini Dress which she accentuated with a gorgeous silk blue scarf and black patent clutch.

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Julia♥ said...

This dress is incredible! J'adooore

Anonymous said...

your blog is so cool- i love MK&A's style, its nice to see their fabulous style in a immaculately detailed blog! good job!